The Bridge Between Breaths


A sacred space of encounter where we meet. Our breath a bridge between us, time suspended, here our stories rise and fall. Here where everything is a mirror, we wait.

An artist shares the stage with singers and instrumentalists, responding to sound with brushstrokes on canvas. Deaf and hearing audiences meet in the space between breaths, a workshop presentation of the opening section of this new opera followed by audience Q&A to explore formidAbility’s creative approach to accessibility.

A stillness. The birth of new ways to be, divine poetry in the swirl of our mouths, a light so bright, we hold our breath here even if it hurts to breathe, even if staying alive is a feat, here, where being human is a miracle, our breath – the bridge between us is no longer yours or mine. 

At once, as One.


R&D produced by formidAbility.
The Cockpit Theatre, as part of Tête-à-Tête: The Opera Festival.
16 September 2020.

Cast & creatives

Words Hafsah Aneela Bashir

Music Gareth Churchill

Co-directors Toria Banks, Simone Ibbett-Brown

Musical director Stephen Higgins

Visual artist Tiffany Lambert

Jane Pinney, Spirit Joanne Roughton-Arnold

Pero Jones, Spirit Ronald Samm

Instrumentalists James Douglas, Matthew Scott

Stage manager Elaine Yeung

Co-producers Mathilda du Tillieul McNicol, Joanne Roughton-Arnold