Some highlights

The performers were, without exception, stellar. Simone Ibbett-Brown sang with an exquisite tone, drawing long phrases through tricky, winding melismas… both singers were virtuosic.

Tempo on Alastair White’s fashion-opera RUNE

Simone Ibbett-Brown proved utterly in control of her instrument… dazzlingly so when dovetailing with other members of the ensemble.

Seen and Heard International on Berio’s O King with London Sinfonietta

The two leading ladies stood out head and shoulders above all else, and you’d go a long way to find a better Aida and Amneris… [Simone] is a mezzo soprano I would dearly love to hear again, extracting every ounce of passion and drama in a role as demanding as that of Aida.

The Courier on Aida with Opera Festival Scotland

Simone Ibbett-Brown’s Melissa is the glowing, warm-hearted voice of reassurance as she calls Ruggiero back to his senses.

Classical Source on La liberazione di Ruggiero at Longborough Festival Opera

Ibbett-Brown handed down her moral judgements with an august, wide-grained mezzo, streaked with pain.

Midlands Music Reviews on La liberazione di Ruggiero at Longborough Festival Opera