Albert Herring

Harrow Opera is proud to present Albert Herring, Benjamin Britten’s celebrated comedy of life in turn of the twentieth century Suffolk. Deftly combining parody and pastiche with moments of true pathos, this crackling comic opera of teenage rebellion before it was fashionable is not to be missed.

The Ark Theatre, Borehamwood. 09-13 March 2016.

Cast & creatives

Musical Director Guy Middlemiss
Pianist Erika Dallos
Stage Director Simone Ibbett-Brown
Assistant Director Cassiopeia Berkeley-Agyepong

Lady Billows Helen-Julie Johnson, Barbara Shapiro
Florence Marianne Wentzel, Wendy Silvester
Mr Gedge David Rose, David Danson
Superintendent Budd Lennox Brown, Bernhard Crede
Mr Upfold Robbie Clarke
Miss Wordsworth Eleanor Dann, Nina Kopparhed
Sid Themba Mvula, Daniel D’Souza
Nancy Anna McLachlan, Jennifer Carr
Mrs Herring Emma Lewis, Elaine Watts
Albert Herring Michael McLaughlin, Stephen McNealy
Emmie Emma Davis, Emma Newman-Young
Cis Darja Scukina, Paige Hamilton
Harry Pablo Aguilar, Eleanor Fiddler

First listed will perform Wednesday and Sunday (matinée), second listed will perform Friday and Sunday.

Produced by Harrow Opera

Harrow Opera is dedicated to producing the best opera whilst developing brilliant talent and engaging new audiences. For more information on how to get involved with future productions, visit

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