Evolve: A New Musical

‘Evolve managed to perfectly tread the line of comedy and tragedy, seamlessly blending the two… a story that perhaps resonates more with our own contemporary culture than we would like it to and makes us reflect on our own society’s “evolution”.’ Katy Eloise, Nouse

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Evolve is a musical set in 1977, on the cusp of the Digital Revolution and the time of the burgeoning popular computing industry. It tells of Robert, his wife Sarah, and his best friend and brother-in-law Eric. The fourth party in this relationship is Robert’s invention. Which will he fix first – his revolutionary computer program or his crumbling family?

Directors Becca Waugh and Simone Ibbett-Brown
Producer Cassiopeia Berkeley-Agyepong
Musical Director Joseph Steele
Designers Olly Wood and Martha Pothen

Robert William Descrettes
Sarah Yoshika Colwell
Eric Andy Bewley
Ensemble Jemima Watling, Eleanor Kiff, Stephanie Wake-Edwards, Jamie Bowman, Joe Mackenzie

Originally performed in association with York DramaSoc 6-9 March 2014.

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